Siamo un team di persone eterogenee perché crediamo nella potenza della specializzazione.
Background diversi in sinergia creativa.
Ogni progetto ha il suo Dream Team.
Background diversi, in sinergia creativa.
Creative Directors
Marketing Specialists

Norberto Pezzotta
Experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated working history in the field of Marketing and Advertising, Film Making and Video Marketing.
He is also the founder of Visualworld and a Professional Photographer.

Nicola Bettoni
Nicola is a talented director and editor.
Born and raised in Brescia (Italy), Nicola brings a unique style to his work.
Nicola studied filmmaking at the Mohole Academy in Milan.

Nicola Bettoni

Carlo De Agostini
Italian award-winning director and designer specialized in filmmaking,visual effects and motion graphic.He lived in NY,London,Sao Paulo,where he worked with the world’s leading agencies and TV channels.

Cristian Mantovani
Highly talented Film Maker and DOP, he has been working in every field. Commercials, TV Spots, Film, Web Series… His experience is a huge potential.

Cristian Mantovani

Simone Bettoni
Is a highly creative
3D Artist and animation designer.
He is a Cinema 4D and Maya
Specialist. His passion is quickly
becoming the Unreal engine

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